Something truly extraordinary is occurring this decade.  A phenomenon that is sweeping the globe and the way that we can simultaneously achieve our dreams and help the world we live in. It's called the Shared Economy. It is disrupting traditional industries, creating multi-billion dollars companies, and re-distributing wealth as we know it.

Become a member of our Economic Revolution through Helping others.
Our goal is to help significantly improving the quality of life of the people around the world.

Together We Are Changing The World.
You can achieve your dreams, by helping others!
By being part of a community you move to an entirely new level of success.
Introducing the next generation of sharing wealth.
Rengita allows like-minded individuals to work together for good causes and outcomes. Everyone feels good doing good, right?


Crowdfunding is a proven, verifiable, honest and well-documented method that raises both large and small amounts of money regardless of your project! This important component of the financial landscape is in demand now more than ever.

Crowdfund Almost Anything! Business, Personal or Charity! Create your Crowdfunding campaign today! Rengita is a new risk-free way to raise funds for your ideas  and bring them to life. So, what is your dream? Do you want to raise money for something important to you?
Post your project today! Get started and significantly speed up the final result of your Crowdfunding Project.
We are the evolution of sharing and creating wealth by helping others around the world. Think globally.
The internet makes it easier. Join our Community today!


Get Funded.



Whatever your  pursuits are… whether entrepreneurial, artistic or charitable – get ready to
be empowered by the system, that give you the ability to multiply the leverage of
like minded people in the Сommunity Rengita!
Success is best when it's shared!
You never have to do this on your own! We are here to help! 

                                                               – CEO Svetlana Shodunke

Where projects come from

Each and every Rengita project is the independent creation of someone like you.
Want to know more about how projects happen, or start your own?

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