Have you heard about the latest social phenomenon?
You are about to discover how it has already helped thousands of people like you, around the world, to raise money for any worthwhile project, mission or personal ambition.

That social phenomenon is Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is a proven, verifiable, honest and well-documented method that raises both large and small amounts of money regardless of your project! This important component of the financial landscape is in demand now more than ever.


Together We Are Changing The World.
You can achieve your dreams, by helping others!
In the past, individuals attempted to use crowdfunding to contribute toward their goals, however this was met with limited success. Now, by being part of a community you move to an entirely new level of success.

Introducing the next generation of sharing wealth.
Rengita allows like-minded individuals to work together for good causes and outcomes. Everyone feels good doing good, right?


Crowdfund Almost  Anything!
Business, Personal or Charity! Create your Crowdfunding campaign today! Rengita is a new risk-free way to raise funds for your ideas
and bring them to life. So what is your dream? Do you want to raise money for something important to you?
Post your project today! Get started and significantly speed up the final result of your Crowdfunding Project.

We are the evolution of sharing and creating wealth by helping others around the world. Think globally. The internet makes the whole process easier. 


 Something truly extraordinary is occurring this decade.
A phenomenon that is sweeping the globe and the way that we can simultaneously achieve our dreams and help the world we live in.

It's called the Shared Economy.

It is disrupting traditional industries, creating multi-billion dollar companies and re-distributing wealth as we know it.
Become a member of our Economic Revolution through Helping others.
Our goal is to help significantly improving the quality of life of the people around the world.

Thanks to the internet and its ability to reach people instantaneously,
crowdfunding websites are now changing the way
many businesses, investors, and potential clients collaborate on ideas and projects.

It has changed how start-up businesses approach target markets
and introduce their products to consumers.

Start-Up businesses are now able to get the funding they need, going outside
the normal means of banking and money handling.

You may be a business owner, investor, artist or promoter
but you can be sure that Renita has what you want or whatever you may be looking for.

Renita is the perfect place to make your project alive!

Get Funded.


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Where projects come from

Each and every Rengita project is the independent creation of someone like you.
Want to know more about how projects happen, or start your own?

View Our Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Rengita makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you. In less than a minute, you'll be able to personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the people around the world.

Another way to raise funds is by joining Rengita's community. which helps speed up the process by using our unique distribution formula.

Does it cost anything?

It's free to create and share your project on Rengita.

Rengita deducts a 5% fee from each withdrawal request. Because our fee is deducted automatically at payout, you'll never need to worry about being billed or owing us any money.
Every time you withdraw 2% of the 5% will be given to projects chosen by our members. 3% of the money goes to Rengita for running costs, promotions and bonuses.

How Do I Withdraw My Money?

Once your project starts receiving donations, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time in our backoffice.  

The minimum withdrawal request is $200( and you have to close level 3-1 ) and your project must be approved before we release any funds, in order to stop fraud, money laundering or other illegal activities. We may at any time contact you to see your progress and see how we can help.
Simply log into your back office, go to ‘My Account' > ‘Profile' and scroll to the bottom of the page and insert your withdrawal information if you haven't already done so, this is a one time thing, unless you wish to change withdrawal processor next time, in that case you will need to reenter your new information.

Then go to ‘Finance' > ‘Request Withdrawal'

Choose the amount you wish to withdraw and the processor that chose.

You can withdraw using the available payment systems. Currently, Advance Cash (AdvCash), Paypal and NixMoney. We are planning to add more soon!

What Can I Raise Money For?

Most people use Rengita to raise money for themselves, a friend or loved one . You can collect for Anything! As long as it's legal and is ethical. The only limit is your creativity. Want to fund a project to build your own jetpack? Go for it! 

It is amazing at all the unique ways people use Rengita to raise money online. The possibilities are endless!

What if I Don't Reach My Goal?

No problem. With Rengita, you keep each and every donation you receive. Reaching your goal is not required.

Will my backers get charged fees?

Have no fear, Rengita will NEVER charge your backers, however some 3rd party payment processors may. Please check with them to find out more.

What is Rengita's refund and cancellation policy?

All payments (donations) made on CANNOT be refunded under any circumstance unless a technical fault has occurred by us, Rengita. Donations made to a member of Rengita goes directly to the beneficiary ( Project Owner). Rengita does not take any fees or percentages of this donation and therefore any refund request must be made directly to the Project Owner who you donated the money too as Rengita has no part in the transaction, we only provide the platform.

You can always  terminate your membership as community member, but your project can remind on Rengita's platform and further donation you shell collect by yourself  via social media and other ways.
If you wish to cancel your membership please email our Customer Support team:

How will i know if someone contributes toward my project ?

Every time someone backs you or your Project(s), Rengita will send an email notification. If you need a reminder of the funds you have received, you can find a summary of all donations under your Funding Progress on your Project Page(s)..

How many accounts can I have?

Rengita's policy only allows you to have 1 account. One account is allowed to have numerous projects therefore you do not need multiple accounts.

To make it fair for everyone, any person caught using 2 or more accounts will have those accounts closed, no money will be returned as it has already been distributed and any money left in the remaining accounts will go to charitable causes like 2% of the withdrawal fee. On the first occasion, you will keep your original account and however you will be on a warning. If you proceed to make another account after your warning, all your accounts will close and you could face permanent ban from using Rengita. Again, no money will be returned.