Rengita - Family Business! Family Success!

Founder Vlad Noskov and
CEO and Co-Founder Svetlana Shodunke 

 Vlad is Svetlana's son who is a student of  De Montfort University studying International Relationship and Politics.
From a young age he has watched and learned from his mother that Relationship Marketing is great way to help many people to change they life.
His mothers success allowed him to travel to the across the world, attend different events and meet multi-millionaires and other very successful people.
Although a young adult at 19, he is deeply engaged in Rengita and most technical, financial and admin work is done by Vlad. He likes the concept of crowdfunding and has a big heart, he wishes to help as many people as possible through Rengita and of course, fund his own project helping homeless children.

Svetlana is a Mother of 3 sons, a Mentor, a Motivational Speaker, a Author and a Leader.
Over the last 9 years Svetlana has had huge success and experience in Relationship Marketing and Sales. She built a team of more than 190,000 thousand people and helped many people in her previous businesses reach 5, 6 and 7 figure incomes. In 2015 she was listed in Top 100 worldwide female MLM Leaders.

The Top Female MLM Networker 2015 – Poll!

The knowledge and experience of this industry allows Svetlana to run a legitimate business that will help tens even hundreds of thousands of people to reach their dreams.

More Information about Svetlana Shodunke can be found here:



Rengita's Registrations Certificate

Rengita Ltd

Company Number:10395305


Code of parctice

We are firm believers in the importance of building a long-standing Community and a raving fan base; something that is well suited to Crowdfunding.

  1. Donation monies will be kept separate from our business monies.
  2. We will ensure transparency so that, at all times, users can access information regarding their money including where the money is kept, and any relevant transactions.
  3. We will put in place processes to ensure that our user information is kept safe and secure and that it can still be accessed in the event that we cease to operate
  4. We will not offer investment advice to users unless authorised to do so.
  5. We will provide a “cooling-off period”, during which users can cancel or redeem their donation, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  6. Our terms and conditions will be clearly written and will explain exactly how the donation process works, what our duties and responsibilities are, what due diligence has been undertaken, and what fees and charges will apply.
  7. We will hire competent, professional, honest people and make sure we have the appropriate systems and processes in place to run our businesses safely.
  8. We will ensure that our IT systems and business processes are secure, reliable and proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of our businesses, and that they are sufficiently robust to facilitate compliance with applicable law, regulations and this Code of Conduct.
  9. We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our sales and marketing activity (including social media), ensure that risks and potential returns are presented clearly in a balanced way, and treat users fairly.
  10. If users are unhappy about any aspect of our service, they will be able to complain and we will treat those complaints fairly and in accordance with applicable regulation.
  11. We will promote healthy competition, and will not engage in practices that will discredit, or damage the reputation and growth of, the crowdfunding industry.
  12. We agree to periodic audits and reviews of our businesses by 




The First Step to Becoming an Author

Svetlana's success was not unnoticed and she got invited to be a co-author and write her chapter with
a many great successful people, these people included Matt Moris, Traci Williams, Johnny Wimrey, Joel Therien
and many many more.
It was great achievement for Svetlana to publish her first book.

“Profiles on Success is a collection of some of the greatest authors in the personal development arena.
These authors are sharing their proven success tactics, principles and strategies that can lead to your success
in health, wealth, relationships and unlimited personal fulfillment.
This book will undoubtedly open your mind to your own unlimited potential and motivate you to
take massive action to reach your dreams.”
You can view it on Amazon:

How crowdfunding works?

Crowdfunding usually takes place on a website platform that allows businesses or individuals to raise money, and investors to provide that money. Crowdfunding is a way in which people and businesses (including start-ups) can raise money from the public to support a business, project, campaign or individual. The business or individual seeking finance often explains their project in a pitch to attract funds from as many people as possible

Imagine being in contact with 1000 like-minded people who each want to give you £100 to your business, project or venture online. That’s the basis of crowdfunding – literally sourcing funds from a crowd. The idea is young, but it’s rapidly growing in popularity.
It has been described as ‘democratic finance’, allowing businesses and projects of all forms and sizes access to money while bypassing traditional banking institutions. It is an attractive route in economically difficult times when banks aren’t lending freely.
But it isn’t all about the money – crowdfunding is also about building and benefiting like-minded community.

Many rules and regulations are applied to Crowdfunding Platforms.
Because Rengita operates from the United Kingdom, it follows all local rules and compliance.

The term crowdfunding applies to several internet-based business models, only some of which the FCA regulate. More information can be find out at

However, some main points relating to Rengita are the following:

  • The FCA does not regulate:
    1) donation-based crowdfunding: people give money to enterprises or organisations they want to support 
    2) pre-payment or rewards-based crowdfunding: people give money in return for a reward, service or product (such as concert tickets, an innovative product, or a computer game)
  • But FCA do regulate:
    1) loan-based crowdfunding: also, known as ‘peer-to-peer lending’, this is where consumers lend money in return for interest payments and a repayment of capital over time
    2) investment-based crowdfunding: consumers invest directly or indirectly in new or established businesses by buying investments such as shares or debentures”

Rengita operates on a donation-based crowdfunding system, subsequently Rengita does not need any extra approval from the FCA.