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There are two terms you need to know:
Direct Funding and Community Funding.

Direct funding is where people contribute directly to your project. They do this because they like your idea and want to help you with your project. When someone directly contributes to your project, 100% of it goes to you. 

We are a Leveraged Sharing Community

Community Funding: This method stands out from the rest because of it unique Funding Distribution Formula and utilizing the Power of Relationship Marketing. That brings us to the one unmistakable clear-cut advantage we have over other platforms which is leverage. That why so many people from all over the globe want to join us. With Rengita, you fulfill your dream by helping others to do the same.

It is completely free to start your new fundraising campaign on!

We charge a small 5% fee on funds raised this fee is automatically deducted when you receive a donation you don’t have to do anything and you won’t get any bills from us. 2% out of this deductions will go to charity chosen by Rengita Community. Most credit card companies will take a small fee.
This is not taken by and is the same as any other online transaction fees.

Get Funded.

Collecting Funds For Your Projects  Is Easy with Rengita  Follow   These Simple Steps

You can start funding your project today with as little as $100 dollars by joining our community or start for FREE

Join as a FREE member

  1. Register as a member.
  2. Create a project page on our platform explaining your idea.
  3. Tell everyone you know and ask them to share also.
  4. Start seeing results!

Pay-It-Forward | $100 Donation

  1. Register as a Member.
  2. Log into your Back Office.
  3. Launch Your Project.
  4. Build Your Community.
  5. Start Seeing Super-Fast Results!

Start creating and funding your dreams today, It has never been so simple.

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Rengita's Funds Distribution Formula