Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make


Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make

Life is like a road. There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths. In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life. There are roads that lead to a life of single blessedness,  to fame and fortune on one hand, or isolation and poverty on the other. There are roads to happiness as there are roads to sadness, roads towards victory and jubilation, and roads leading to defeat and disappointment.
Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will you take? What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one along the way? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are: in front of a crossroad?
There are no guarantees. You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it.  There are too many possible outcomes and situations. 

What options do the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few, but sometimes they are numerous. But what do you do when you think that the situation offers no options? This is the time that you create your own. Make your creative mind work. From the most simplistic to the most complicated, entertain all ideas. Do not shoot anything down when an idea comes to your head. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the right one in the end.  Sometimes your ideas just stay ideas, because of many reasons, but one of the most common it is the lack of capital to bring your idea to life. Crowdfunding and Rengita is helping you to bring your idea to real world.

Trust yourself and make that decision! So choose what you believe is the best option, be ready to move forward, to make differences in your and other peoples life. It may take some effort to pull everything together, to ask people to support your project and to collect enough funds but the important thing is that you have chosen to live your life instead of remaining a bystander or a passive audience to your own life. Rengita, is a great choice and together we will make HUGE difference in many life's. 

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