Tips For A Successful Project

Crowdfunding -The New Way To Help Each Other!

Crowdfunding is a proven, verifiable, honest and well-documented method that raises both large and small amounts of money regardless of your project!
If you are a community group, a business, a charity, a social enterprise, a sports club, or a person with the spark of an idea that you want to turn into reality,
then we can help you fund it.

We have worked with thousands of people to raise funds with the power of the crowd. We’ve learned a lot about how to prepare, build, create and fund successful crowdfunding projects.


Now that you’re ready to start building your project page, it’s a great idea to look at some examples of
other projects. It is very simple to set up your project.
Please check this step by step instruction and if you have any questions or difficulties we are only one
line away to help you. Contact us by email or directly from your back office.




Hints for project description

What is your dream?

Why it is special for you?

How your project will help others?

What do you wish to achieve with your project?

Who you want to help?

Why you want to help them?

What are you ready to do, to make sure that you  reach your dream?

How much you want to raise and why?

Take your time and answer to this questions. That will give you a very clear vision what would you like to achieve. 

How to make a donation

Now that you are in your back office can deposit money into your account by clicking on “Finance” in the menu on the left.

This will reveal more options but to make a deposit, we should click on “Deposit Wallet”


Once you are on the deposit page, choose the amount you wish to donate.
We recommend $100, then choose a payment processor by clicking on the drop down menu.


Once your account has a balance of $100, the system will do  “Step Up” automatically.

Running your project

Now that your project page is looking good, you need to build a plan to connect with your Crowd. Whom you should contact firs? Friends and Family? Colleagues at work or strangers on the street or Internet?  Of course the best way to share information about your project with the people you know.

On this chart you can have some idea whom to talk  first.

Now think about which communication tools are best for each group. For example, who do you usually reach via email, who’s best to reach by phone or on Facebook? Add these notes to your network map.

When spreading the word about your Crowdfunding project, always start with the people closest to you, before engaging with others. People who already know you are more likely to support your project than those who don’t.

Similarly, people who are already aware of your business are also more likely to engage than those who are not. As your project starts gaining momentum, it’ll begin to look more attractive to people outside of your own network. Be patient – get some pledges  before posting publicly on social media.

Remember that you need to win people over. Take the time to start conversations and engage with people personally. Spamming doesn’t work.

When you publish your project on platform Rengita it is created ripple effects, because many people will be supporting it, and our unique  formula helps to do it more effectively.

Revolution donation formula

In this section  you can learn about the fast, simple, step by step, and Revolutionary New Way to fund all your dreams… while helping others fund their dreams!

One  important thing to understand is your efforts are magnified and leveraged  by participating in Rengita’s Community.
You are never left on your own at Rengita, you are part of  our Global CrowdFunding Community.


This is not a business or income opportunity!

Our Donation Distribution Formula is purely based on Donations Through CrowdFunding. We make no claims or guarantees of any donations your project will receive.
The Success of individual projects depends solely on your commitment, desire and personal efforts.

The following slides display a hypothetical mathematical example based on each Project Author who joins and refers three other Project Authors/Donors, and they in turn make a small $100 donation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a hypothetical example. In the real world things don’t happen 100% perfect, we are not in a perfect world!  Some Project Author will refer ten, some will refer three, some will refer one, some will refer none. But you and others may refer many more.  So you can see each project authors situation will be unique.  Your risk to reward is potentially staggering. Your initial contribution to your referrer’s project, is your total risk!