Welcome To Rengita

Ladies and Gentlemen – Welcome to the Rengita, where the possibilities are endless.
We are a community made up of members willing to partake in the fully automated Crowdfunding platform, where members give back to each other as well as take contributions, this is all done automatically.We are here to extend a helping hand to assist you in fulfilling your dreams.
Rengita was founded for that purpose, to serve as a portal in constructing your Crowdfunding site campaign goals efficiently, painlessly and presenting it to the masses. There are those that may feel handicapped by navigating a computer or for that matter putting together project campaign website for the purpose of raising funds, so we have a simple easy to use interface that will assist you in constructing your project page.
Raise funds.
Your crowdfunding project can be for anything: a new business, supporting medical expenses, non-profit organizations, charities, inventions or just about anything you need funds for.
Our community.
Rengita is a community of people contributing their efforts to help others realize their dreams while promoting their own projects.
Rengita is registered in the United Kingdom and follows the laws of the UK to ensure we are legitimate and make sure we do what we say we do.
Please watch the video and learn more.

Crowdfunding is changing the whole approach and concept
when it comes to fundraising activities.

If you're looking for funds for a start-up business or need more investment for your current business, Rengita can help you with that!
Join Rengita's community today and start funding straightaway!

Willing to help?
We are the best when it comes to sharing and creating wealth by helping others around the world. Charity is our big vision and if you have great heart and have always wanted to make huge impact on children's lives around the world, Rengita is the right place for you! Join Rengita's community today and start funding straightaway!

Rengita is a community of like minded people, who like helping each other, have a common goal, who want the world to be a better place and meet friends from all over the world. If you looking for new friends and learn different cultures! Join Rengita's community today and start funding straightaway!